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PC Mike Ellis from 999 What's Your Emergency?
PC Mike Ellis from 999 What's Your Emergency?
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Channel 4’s 999 What’s Your Emergency continued last night with a look at problems caused by those who blow their benefits on booze.

Focussing on a cash machine on Central Drive - and set to the back-drop of fireworks exploding on Bonfire Night - police officers took to the streets to answer a number of calls.

999 What's your emergency?

999 What's your emergency?

Programme producers said:”There’s one night when everyone’s up for a party – payday.

“Whether you work a 50-hour week or depend on state benefits, the day that money hits bank accounts across the UK signals the beginning of drink-fuelled celebrations, a time to forget your troubles and blow off some steam.

“For the call operators at Blackpool’s emergency control centres hearing about our payday excesses is a weekly occurrence and money plays a part in many 999 calls, from serious burglaries to the callers reporting a lack of credit on their mobile phone.

“Still suffering the impact of the recession, almost one in five households across the country have no one working. And money troubles are felt particularly keenly in Blackpool’s South Shore area, which is ranked the ninth poorest community in the UK.

“But having less money in your pocket doesn’t stop local residents from heading out to the pubs and clubs to enjoy themselves on payday. The desire to party with your friends leaves those on benefits with a dilemma: ‘eat for two weeks or drink for one night’.”

Police dealt with frequent caller, Lindsay Taylor, whose boozy bust-ups with her partner have resulted in 140 calls to her address.

And paramedic Alan Gardener is called to a man staggering down the street suffering the effects of what could be contraband alcohol.

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