Tony is taking on the music industry’s big boys

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A Blackpool-born and Fleetwood raised former operations director for dance giants Ministry of Sound is launching the third in a series of compilation albums on his own Laboratory Project record label.

Tony Rigg is releasing the third of his Taste Masters albums on January 1 but is holding a pre-launch party for the collection this Saturday.

Tony claims his label is for “people who are fed up with throw away mainstream pop.”

“I am not saying that contrived pop shouldn’t exist but I am trying to bring the alternatives to the forefront,” he says.

“Musical feasts are what we are about rather than the jingles and snacks we typically get fed today.

“The music industry tends to be dominated by big institutions and the four major record labels are about to become three.”

Ironically though he says he respects Simon Cowell’s X Factor: “It is an incredible money making machine.”

The Laboratory Project will “focus on giving people great music” he says.

“Though we don’t have the large sums of money behind us that the big boys have, it doesn’t mean our music isn’t as well made.

“I think creatively and sonically we are punching at an extremely heavy weight.

“ It does however mean that we don’t have the huge marketing budgets or TV shows like X Factor to break new artists.

“I remain confident there are enough people out there who will like what we are doing and get behind us.”

One of the artists featured on Taste Masters 3 is former X Factor finalist Rowetta.

“Rowetta is an exceptional world class talent – her voice, which is amazing, has been featured on loads of brilliant recordings from the likes of Happy Mondays, Simply Red, Black Eyed Peas, and now Taste Masters 3,” he says.

Rowetta’s contribution is a collaboration with up and coming band China White.

The album also features other highly respected musicians including two members of Ian Brown’s band Inder Goldfinger and Tim Hutton.

The album also showcases familiar regional names such as Two Weeks Running, Twin Planets and Saturday Night Gym Club who have received plenty of attention and airplay from Radio 1.

Blackpool-based Tim Harding – formerly part of Australian children’s television show Hi-5 – also features on the album as frontman of rock band Pangaea

The album includes MC Tunes who was the voice of 808 State, Dust Junkies and Fatboy Slim’s Gangster Tripping.

His featured track was actually recorded in 1991 but never released due to the master tapes going missing.

Having just been rediscovered Tony had the crumbling tapes baked and converted to digital format.

The pre-launch party is at former new order member Peter Hook’s Factory venue in Manchester.

Seven of the label’s roster of artists will be performing live.