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Guys and Dolls, King Edward and Queen Mary

Widely regarded as one of the best American musicals, the variety of songs and the four contrasting principal roles provide a major challenge and opportunity for any company.

Sarah Roxby’s production sensibly leant heavily on a talented quartet.

Georgina Goldstone, as Miss Adelaide, took the vocal honours, never allowing the shrillness of a real New “Yoicker” to become shrieking,. Lizzie Barrow acted brilliantly as the prim, proper yet sparky Salvation Army Sergeant Sarah Brown. Duets were a highlight of the show, with Adelaide and Sarah’s affectionate ‘Marry the man today’ a delight.

Richie Withers gave an assured performance as Nathan Detroit and William Thompson’s charm and relaxed tenor voice neatly captured Sky Masterson. John Pennington’s sympathetic four piece band helped the soloists considerably. The McLafferty brothers, Joe and Harry, made the most of Nicely Nicely Johnson and Benny Southstreet. Stephen Carr as Big Jule and Becky Brookes as Aunt Arvida also took the eye in cameo roles.

The excellent finale showed us that there was room for some more chorus singing and choreography in support of first-class principals.