SHOWZAM! review: High Jinx - Horseshoe Bar, Pleasure Beach

Michael Jordan performing his High Jinx show at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Michael Jordan performing his High Jinx show at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
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“If you see the knife getting bigger, then it’s probably coming towards you.”

It’s no wonder the audience gasped as the very talented Michael Jordan climbed on a unicycle perform his amazing knife juggling trick.

While there were a fair few moments of danger, High Jinx proved to be more of a light-hearted family show.

Magician and illusionist Michael wowed the audience with his quick slight of hand as he performed some incredible rope tricks.

Fire eating, regurgitating razor blades and making his pretty assistant disappear from sight were also top acts.

A glow in the dark puppet show with lively music was great for the children.

And there was plenty of audience interaction. One six-year-old boy took it very well when his gleaming white trainer disintegrated into a smouldering piece of leather. But of course, the magic worked eventually and his trainer appeared from inside a case hanging above people’s heads.

But a real highlight came from the show’s special guest, magician Russ Brown in the second half.

If you’ve never got enough drinks in the house to suit everyone at home, then Russ’ magic carton could be the answer.

The audience sat wide mouthed as he poured a glass of milk, followed by chocolate milk, then Pepsi.

Iron Bru came next, followed by Lilt and even beer - all out of the same carton. No secret compartments, food colouring, Russ said as he handed the drinks to members of the audience who gave their seal of approval as they took on a taste test.

With a promise of lots of new tricks for the coming season (May to November), it’s a family show not to be missed.

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