REVIEW: Stand Up & Rock featuring Jasper Carrott Grand Theatre

Jasper Carrott
Jasper Carrott
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You might expect a comedian whose popularity peaked in the 1980s and musicians who topped the charts decades ago, would add up to a pleasant night of nostalgia but little else.

However, you would be wrong, in fact very wrong!

For this show proved to be a fantastic night of entertainment, and had a packed Grand Theatre alternatively laughing their heads off and appreciating genuine musical talent.

The format featuring the Bev Bevan Band was just right.

Carrott is still very, very funny – but perhaps would not have enough material to fuel a full show. Meanwhile, the credentials of his band take some beating, but the names probably are not big enough to carry off a national tour.

However, put the two together and it makes for a cracking night of comedy and music. And the two mix very easily, with Carrott cracking jokes and joining in with the band.

That’s not surprising as he and Bev Bevan (of Electric Light Orchestra and The Move fame) were schoolmates.

Throw in Trevor Burton, also of The Move and who played with Jimi Hendrix, Geoff Turton, former leader singer of the Rockin’ Berries, and Joy Strachan-Brain, singer with current folk band Quill, and you see the quality of the line up. Carrott still has his trademark quick-as-a-flash funny lines, although at 69 himself his humour largely targets his own age group.

This one for example, ‘Stannah’s latest stair lift is so fast it gets you to the top before you’ve forgotten what you were going upstairs for’.

And so to the music – from The Beatles’ Hard Days Night, The Who’s Pinball Wizard and the Rolling Stones’ It’s All Over Now, plus many more, the show paid tribute to the legends of the 60s and 70s.

A montage of mainly black and white photographs from the era acted as a backdrop.

They reminded us that a good song is still a good song even 50 years on.

Shelagh Parkinson