REVIEW: Blackpool Tower Circus Panto: Cinderella

There are some combinations in Blackpool that just work – fish and chips, Strictly and the Tower Ballroom ... and now, circus and panto.

Blackpool Tower Circus Panto, Cinderella’s Christmas Circus, raises the roof of the world famous venue.

It’s a heady blend of a clown’s slapstick humour, sweet young dancers and camped up ugly sisters, together with the awe and wonder of the circus troupe.

If the audience for Strictly Come Dancing raised noise levels to 108.6 decibels in the Ballroom then youngsters watching this weekend probably outshouted them.

As the noise of hundreds of children, hyped up on sweets and popcorn, becomes deafening, out come the circus performers.

This show is truly for everyone, taking you through the whole gamut of emotions from fear for the unicyclist, laughter at the clowns, awe at the beauty of trapeze performers and (spoiler alert!) joy as Cinders finds her Prince Charming.

Is this one for everyone this Christmas? Oh yes it is!

The show runs until January 19. Visit: