Nancy’s on her way to the very top

Nancy Langton
Nancy Langton
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In some ways, Nancy Langton is a bit of an oddity.

Usually, to make it, a band or a singer-songwriter has to gig relentlessly, starting off performing in near-empty venues and grafting like billy-ho in the hope they are one day spotted by the right person.

Marton teenager Nancy has hardly gigged at all, yet she has been signed by a publishing company and is now working with the team behind Robbie Williams and producers from Nashville as she prepares songs for - hopefully - a debut album sometime in the not too distant future.

Born into a Romany gypsy family, the 17-year-old has been playing music since she was barely old enough to walk.

“I live on Sunfield Close and the whole street is gypsy’s, all my aunts and uncles, and we all play instruments. It’s a gypsy tradition,” explained Nancy, who went to St 
Nicholas primary school.

“When I was five I played in front of 2,000 people so I’m used to performing and making music. It feels natural.”

She and her sisters played the accordion – a Romany 
tradition – and were naturals, so good they got through to the later stages of Britain’s Got 
Talent a few years ago. Nancy then reached the last 16 on X-Factor and was signed by a manager.

Since then she’s been busy writing songs with her sister, Sarah-Jane, and has secured a publishing deal with London-based Notting Hill Music and is now working on her songs with some notable folk.

“Two men who produced for Robbie Williams, called Daft Dog, said they wanted to work with me so we did seven songs,” said Nancy. “They paid me a really nice compliment when they said I had the best voice they’d heard live in 10 years.

“The situation now is that we have the songs and we are now looking for a record deal.

“There’s been a lot of interest and I went to London to play a gig at EMI. But we’ve not signed anything yet.

“But big-headed? Not a chance. That’s just not me and besides when you come from a big family you can’t get too cocky. Mind you, I think my dad has asked if he can be my limo driver if I get famous!”

And to show she’s not scared of a bit of hard graft while waiting for her step into the big-time, Nancy has launched her own business – running a music store on North Pier.

As for getting to hear her music live at the moment, it could be tricky. She’s playing a set on Radio Lancashire next month (details to follow in due course) but doesn’t gig much.

“It’s a bit funny I suppose but I don’t really play in bars,” she said. “Bizarrely the last gig I did was the Illuminations switch-on in front of 20,000 people.

“I’m friends with Karima Francis and she invited me to play at her open mic night at the Cedar Tavern the other week. I played four or five of my own songs and really enjoyed it and I would like to do a bit more of that I think.”