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Will Young
Will Young
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Will Young makes his return visit to Blackpool, after time out from the music industry, this weekend.

But it still seems like he’s never been away, having kept busy on stage in the four year break that came before the release of album 85% Proof earlier this year.

His last trip to the resort was actually during that break from music, in November 2013, when he played a highly-acclaimed Emcee in Cabaret - picking up an Olivier Award for his efforts.

After moving to new label, Island Records, he went back into the recording studio last summer, creating 85% Proof in just over just five sessions between June and September last year.

“This is a way more inclusive record; less introverted and more this is life, this is what happens’,” he said.

“A lot of my other records have been a bit poor me’ and I’m not in that place so it wasn’t really inspiring me.”

Blackpool’s Opera House date comes exactly half way through the tour, with Will having spoken of his affection for the place when he last came.

At the time he said: “I’ve played several gigs in Blackpool over the years and I think the place has a real charm.

“There is nowhere else like it in the world I would say. It has a kind of heritage which is so specific.”

* Will Young, Opera House, Blackpool, Saturday. Visit www.wintergardensblackpool.co.uk to book.