The Ebeneze show hard work pays off

Blackpool band The Ebeneze
Blackpool band The Ebeneze
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You don’t get anywhere without hard work.

A motto as old as the hills but certainly true in the music industry, well, unless you just nip on X-Factor and get turned into an overnight sensation by Simon Cowell that is.

For the vast majority of artists though, it’s about years of hard graft, of driving round playing gigs all over the place in a bid to get your name recognised and to try and get somewhere.

That’s the stage Blackpool duo The Ebeneze are at.

Josh Bannister, 18, and best mate Mike Hesketh, 21, have been working their proverbial behinds off for the last year or so and have been rewarded with an increasingly full diary.

They are at college Monday to Thursday and gig Thursday to Sunday.

“It means we’re constantly shattered but hopefully it will all be worth it one day,” said Josh, of Midgeland Road, Marton.

“If you want to be a musician and make a living out of doing it then you have to be serious about it and that’s what we try to be.

“Obviously we love it and we are having a good laugh along the way but we take the music seriously and we have the same dreams as anyone else – to try and get somewhere with it.

“We know reality is different and it doesn’t always work out and we’re aware of that but we are putting in as much effort as we can and we’ll see where it takes us.”

The lads stage show couldn’t be simpler. Josh plugs in his acoustic guitar, Mike sings.

“It’s simple but hopefully it’s effective and something must be working because we played to 1,500 people at Glastonferry in Warrington recently and we are getting loads of gigs,” added Josh.

Most of those are in Blackpool (they’ve got Uncle Toms, Rock City and Blackpool Rocks coming up soon, and they run an open mic night at Scrooges every Thursday) but the lads have plans to venture further afield next year.

“We’ve got an EP coming out in January – well, hopefully, it’s not actually been recorded yet! – and the plan is to branch out a bit, start gigging a little further away because at the moment we are concentrating on Blackpool and trying to get our names known locally first,” added Josh.

They play covers by the likes of Oasis, The Jam and Joy Division, as well as, they say, “throwing in the odd bit of silly stuff, like Erasure”.

“We also throw our own songs in when we play live because we don’t want to be doing covers for the rest of our lives,” added Josh.