More about the music than the fame

Full Fat Boogie Band
Full Fat Boogie Band
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The Full Fat Boogie Band aren’t about chasing record deals and entering the fame game. They don’t need to.

With their endless list of upcoming gigs and devoted followers, these five Lancashire born lads would put any fame-hungry tyrants to shame. They do what they do because they love music.

The five-piece are all rhythm and blues loving musicians and have over 20 years worth of performing experience under their belts.

Because they’ve been around for a while they enjoy themselves and have a happy go-lucky attitude – and given the amount of gigs they’ve got lined up, they are certainly one of the more popular acts on the local music scene.

They originally formed in 1989 as a three-piece. Back then they were called the slightly more sinister The Killing Floor, with Peter Crouch on drums, Dean Kelly guitar-vocals and Andy Houghton bass-vocals. A few years later Simon Knowles (harmonica-vocals-percussion) and Steve Gregg (guitar-vocals) joined.

Alas shortly after the five came together they amicably decided to part due to work and family commitments.

But just when rhythm and blues lovers thought all was lost, an unexpected 50th birthday party brought the band back together in 2008.

They reformed under a new name, which begs the question why The Full Fat Boogie Band?

“We felt the name represented our approach to things. It sounds like a bit of fun and the audience can enjoy it – in fact our motto is ‘no semi-skimmed in this band!’” says Peter.

“We realised we’ve probably aged a bit since we first started out on the music scene so we’re well past the wanting to get famous stage.

“We basically play now and again and its a case of enjoying it and appreciating it. We’re not hugely ambitious ... as a band we’ve already been there, done that and bought the T-shirt and people respect our experience.”

A glut of local gigs has given the band a decent, well-deserved following and their music seems to cater for everyone.

“People of all ages do seem to like us,” added Peter. “We play classic Rolling Stones and a lot of 60s and 70s music, but we put our own stamp on it.”

So what’s next for 
this local band with small-town fame?

“To be precise, the Great British Rhythm and Blues festival at Colne,” says Peter. “Of it’s type, its a huge festival and we are honoured to have been asked to play. We’ve been put on the British stage and the gig is part of a Radio Lancashire night.”

With an upcoming festival and a long list of future performances, the Full Fat Boogie Band are proof that it’s more about the music than the fame.

To find out more, check out or pop along to their upcoming performance at the Colne Rhythm and Blues Festival on August 23.