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The Senton Bombs: (From left to right) Damien Kage, Joey Class, Scott Mason, Johnny Gibbons
The Senton Bombs: (From left to right) Damien Kage, Joey Class, Scott Mason, Johnny Gibbons
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“Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating our first label launched record. A milestone for this band that makes all the years hard work worth while.”

A post on the Facebook page of The Senton Bombs, which sums it up really.

The four lads that make up the 
Bispham-based band have been making music since 2004.

Now, after almost a decade of gigging and hard graft, they have finally had the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for - signed by STP records.

Tomorrow at The Tache in Blackpool they hold a launch party for new album Chapter Zero, which will include a full gig by the band as well as music from support acts Constant Source Of Disappointment and Dischord.

“It’s nice all the songs we’ve written and all the hard work we’ve put in has been recognised by someone,” said lead singer Joey Class, 29.

“STP Records really liked our last album and when they heard the new one, they signed us and said they would release it.

“Basically it means they pay for it to be pressed and someone like HMV can order CDs off them if they want to stock it.

“STP also have stalls at different rock and punk events throughout the country so they’ll be able to sell our record there.”

Also in the band are Damien Kage, Scott Mason and Johnny Gibbons, who say their influences include American punk, English 70s punk, and big rock ‘n’ roll bands such as Aerosmith and AC/DC… which should give you some idea of what they sound like.

Reviews for the album so far have been favourable.

Ringmaster described it as having “the infectious cheek of The Undertones, the defiant intent of UK Subs and the melodic flames of New York Dolls, and an insatiable irrepressible triumph. An exceptional release.”

“There have been some fantastic comments, ” said Joey. “People are saying they’ve been blown away by it, which is obviously great to hear.”

The album launch party kicks off at 8pm tomorrow at the Tache on Corporation Street in Blackpool town centre.

It’s £4 entry. Tache’s Rock Night starts from midnight. The album is available at shows, various music venders and online at and