Emma’s putting X-Factor surprise snub behind her

Emma Wright
Emma Wright
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It’s hard not to really want Emma Wright to become a top singing star.

For if she does it will be a real smack in the face to everyone on X-Factor.

Blackpool girl Emma had a pretty horrific experience on the show a couple of years ago.

At her audition Gary Barlow told her he loved her and Tulisa said “that was a brilliant audition, you have amazing potential. You are a little pop star!”

So it was something of a surprise then that Emma was kicked off the show before she’d even had chance to sing again.

The 21-year-old from Lytham said: “We went to Bootcamp and stayed at this big mansion in London.

“It was all being filmed and there were free drinks everywhere. I deliberately stayed sober because I was convinced they’d wake us at nine the next morning to sing.

“Sure enough the next morning they split us into four groups on the lawn, a big limousine pulled up and Gary Barlow stepped out. We were all excited. But then he announced the judges had looked at the tapes again and had decided 35 of us didn’t have the potential they’d first thought and were being sent home. I was one of those.”

Not surprisingly a distraught Emma burst into tears.

“They filmed it all and asked what I’d do now,” she recalled. “I remember saying ‘I suppose I’ll just have to go back to Blackpool’, which obviously didn’t look great on Blackpool but I was just upset.

“They paid for our train tickets home but it was right in the middle of the London riots and there were burnt out buildings everywhere. I didn’t want to take the train so my dad drove down from Blackpool to get me.

“I remember sitting in my room waiting for my dad to come, and listening to all those who’d made it through to the next stage singing. It was horrible.”

Not surprisingly Emma has a dim view of the show now.

“I learned to be tougher because it made me realise they do not care about you at all,” she said. “It’s a TV programme, they don’t care about you as a person.

“The way they did that announcement was simply for shock value, to make good TV, so they could get shots of people crying.

“I still think the reason it happened was because I told them I was happily settled with a boyfriend. I didn’t have a sob story and on that show you need a sob story.”

At least Emma, who grew up in South Shore and went to Marton Primary and Highfield Secondary, has turned a negative into a positive.

She is now a professional singer and has a guest spot at Viva, as well as singing regularly in bars and hotels around the Fylde coast.

But she has big long-term aims and has no doubts about what her goals are.

“I write my own songs and I’m working with producers – I want to get signed to a label and be successful,” she said.

We can only hope that Emma, who started singing when she was just two and is a past winner of Fylde’s Got Talent, makes it – it might make the folk at X-Factor look again at how they treat people.

For information on when Emma is performing at Viva, or for any Viva shows including their Christmas and comedy nights, head to www.vivablackpool.com or call the box office on 01253 297 297.

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