Andy reduces Pink Floyd gig to a one man show

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Most people would think that a one man Pink Floyd tribute act would be impossible, but a Blackpool guitar teacher is set to prove them wrong.

After having struck upon the idea just eight months ago, Andy Holt, 40, decided he was going to go it alone and become a solo Pink Floyd maestro.

Dubbed The Equinox Experience, which reaches The Layton on December 5, Holt is aware that people might be suspicious of a one-man Pink Floyd show; he says “It is a bit weird, I grant you, but I think I’ve managed it”

“I play all the solo and lead pieces live but otherwise I get all the pieces of music together, run it all through a Roland GR-55 synthesizer and link the tunes to keys, the vocal effects are all done with pedals.”

Having been a musician since he was 16, Andy has spent the last 24 years playing gigs and teaching guitar, however reaching a landmark birthday made him change direction

He explains; “When I hit 40, I wanted to do something for me, so I joined a Pink Floyd tribute band but it was a big undertaking with 12 musicians all rotating on stage.

“I realised that I could play all the parts and that I could make all the lighting and laser designs using a program on the computer so I set off on my own.”

Since embarking on his own, Andy has seen his popularity soar.

He says: “I don’t know how I’ve done it, it’s come a bit quick for me really, people know me from the bands I used to be in but I didn’t expect this.

“The last gig I did in Blackpool, I did a Thursday night at the Marton Institute which has a capacity of 220, I’d sold a few tickets but by 8pm the place was full, there were 50 people stuck outside who could not get in and I got two standing ovations.”

With such a positive reception Holt is looking further afield to take his act across the country.

“I’d love to take my act all over the UK and get it into little theatres where people sit down and really enjoy the show. I’d love to move it from the pub scene into the theatre circuit.”