Mother and daughter to be reunited...44 years on

Sara Price-Parker (right) reunited with her Mum Denise (left)
Sara Price-Parker (right) reunited with her Mum Denise (left)
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A mother will be seen reunited with her daughter on TV screens tonight - 44 years 
after giving her up for adoption.

Denise Sanderson was living in Blackpool when she gave up her daughter Sara for adoption at the age of six weeks.

Their emotional story will be told in tonight’s episode of Long Lost Family, on ITV1 at 9pm, presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell.

Sara Price-Parker, 44, lives in South Wirral with her husband Mike and 12-year-old son Joel. The TV show’s production company took on her search for her birth mother – a task which she began as a teenager, following the death of her adoptive mother from cancer.

Her adoption file revealed a wealth of information and – discovering her own birth mother had lost her mother in her childhood – helped Sara begin to feel a connection to the woman who had been unable to keep her when she was born.

Sara said: “The paperwork said she wanted me to grow up in the normal family with two parents that she never had. I think it must have been a horrendous heart-breaking decision to make.”

Using information from the adoption file, Sara traced her mother’s life, but the search ended at the house where Denise lived when Sara was born. She wrote to people in the street but the one reply she received brought the search to an end, as Sara learned her mother had emigrated to Jamaica in the 1970s.

Her hopes of ever meeting her mother were dashed.

The Long Lost Family team took on the search, and found Denise living in a remote town in Oregon on the west coast of America, where Nicky Campbell went to meet her.

She revealed that the last contact she had with her daughter was a letter, sent by Sara’s adoptive parents a couple of weeks after the heart wrenching separation, in which the couple reassured Denise of the joy she had brought to them.

Overwhelmed at the opportunity to meet her daughter, Denise said: “I hope that I can be that mother for her again.”

Davina hosted the reunion - described by Long Lost Family as “full of joy” - between Denise and Sara at the Cafe On The Pier, St Annes.

At the time, Sara said: “I feel like I’m floating – it is more than I ever expected… I walked in there and it felt like an instant bond. We are talking like mother and daughter… It’s like your biggest fantasy has come true. It’s amazing.”

Cafe owner Debbie Johnson said: “They were here filming all day, about two weeks ago, and it was amazing. They met for the first time, and then had a meal after.”