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Canadian rock band Magic Trees
Canadian rock band Magic Trees
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ST Annes-based Canadian band Magic Trees have released their second album, Another Way To Exist, which was written and recorded in the North West last summer.

The group consists of two couples who have spent the last two years travelling across Canada and the UK soaking up influences, writing songs, and recording on a mobile setup above the Victoria Pub in St Annes.

“Stylistically the album falls somewhere between folk and rock with a bit of an indie feel as well,” says Jaime from the band. “Imagine the Grateful Dead joining forces with Deep Purple to kidnap Fleetwood Mac in order to force them to sing songs, and you get an inkling of the sound.”

During the tour to support their first album, Everything Is A Song, Magic Trees decided they needed to be somewhere different while writing and recording songs for their next project – somewhere with a different set of influences, both musically and culturally.

Most of their favourite bands were British and one of the band members had lived in the North West of England as a boy, so they moved here in the spring of 2011 to begin the process of creating Another Way To Exist.

“The album continues with the notion of oneness and the importance of love – ideas which were presented in the first album,” said Jaime. “It tries to show that art and music are paths to a different life – something bigger than all of us.

“This time around though the ideas contain a dark edge – the perspective of a troubled person who can strive for enlightenment but perhaps never reach it.”

They are returning to Canada next month to release the album there and for a subsequent tour.

The album is available for download at and the band has set it up on a “pay what you like” site.

For the last gigs in the UK before they head home see the What’s On listing published daily in The Gazette.

“We have come to feel that this area is our home and people have taken us in and made us a part of the family,” said Jaime. “We have also had an incredible experience playing with Craig Kennerley who is local to St Annes and has been playing a wicked bass for our UK tour this year