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In an age where travelling from Blackpool to London by train can be completed in around three hours - getting there on a mobility scooter is a superhuman effort.

But for one marathon fund-raiser, the idea of getting there only powered by a re-chargeable battery pack was something she was determined to tackle.

Tracey Vinyard with a family in Disley, Derbyshire, who took her in after she took a wrong turn

Tracey Vinyard with a family in Disley, Derbyshire, who took her in after she took a wrong turn

Tracey Vinyard, 49, from Cambridge Road, Cleveleys, initially dismissed the idea of riding at a top speed of 4mph all the way to the capital, but was swayed by her dedication to four good causes.

She said: “The idea of riding a mobility scooter all the way to London started out as a bit of a joke, but then members of my family began to take it seriously, and when my brother-in-law offered to be my back up driver, I started to think that maybe this crazy idea could actually work.

“I first approached Blue Skies, a hospital charity, and then decided to raise money for another three charities close to my heart – the British Heart Foundation, the Spiritualist church and the RNLI.”

In total she raised £727.

Tracey’s route saw her travel through Lancashire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Northamptonshire on the way to London.

She added: “A lot of people had bets on me not getting past Kirkham. The trip itself was fraught with complications – wrong turnings, flat batteries and difficulty finding a place for both me and the scooter to stay – but eventually I made it to London.

“I got lost in Disley (near Stockport), I went the wrong way and was taken in by a family for two nights while I got my head together. I had to be towed by a car in Leicester. There are some really amazing people out there, even youngsters were coming to my aid when I ran out of battery.”

It took Tracey two weeks to reach her final destination of Canary Wharf after stopping off at B&Bs along the way to re-charge her scooter’s battery.

The fund-raising champion’s efforts has led to her being awarded the title of a Give More Star to recognise the work she has done.

Tracey will now front the Give More Challenge week from September 16 to 22 in a bid to encourage everyone to support the communities, charities or good causes they care about.