Joe’s going Gaga?

Joe Longthorne at summer season launch 2012
Joe Longthorne at summer season launch 2012

Blackpool entertainer Joe Longthorne claims he’s going to include “all of Take That and some Lady Gaga” is his Grand Theatre summer season which starts a Thursday night residency on Thursday.

Then again he might not be being entirely serious but says he is looking forward to being back at his favourite theatre – and having comedian Roy Walker on the show with him.

“Roy and I go back millions of years,” says Joe. “We’ve done three or four summer seasons together and have known each other since, I think the expression is - ‘back in the day.’”

Rather than a big production show the Grand season will be more in the style of an “audience with” he says.

“But that gives me – and Roy – a bit more time to be on stage. Sometimes it’s good to be one to one.”

As for spending more time in his adopted home town he couldn’t be happier.

“It’s a wonderful town – particularly for entertainment,” he says. “It’s the only town that’s got so much in so many places – and so many characters too. There’s performers from all over the world and show ranging from the big theatre ones to hotel entertainment and karaoke in so many bars.

“People come here from all over to forget their troubles and have a laugh – and whilst other resorts seem to be closing places down Blackpool keeps getting new entertainment venues.

“Blackpool will keep going no matter what happens in the rest of the country.”