Ideas from left field that work superbly

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Slaughterhouse Live - Merrie England, Blackpool

SOME of Saturday night’s Merrie England audience on North Pier may have wondered why instead of resident entertainer Joey Blower’s usual ribald act they’d stumbled across Tommy Kittens – “Britain’s cleanest comic.”

One or two may have seen one of the few posters for the Blackpool debut of Slaughterhouse Live and expected an appearance by the American hard core rap outfit of almost the same name – and puzzled over why they were listening instead to the musical delights of the Three Fat Folkers (especially when they’re not fat and there’s normally four of them).

But most of the comfortably large audience were just more than happy that this cult comedy group had finally made it to town instead of them having to travel to Manchester or Edinburgh to see them live in concert.

Welcome to the world of CRYME (the Campaign for the Removal of Yorkshire from Mainland England), the obsessive compulsive heavy metal tribute band OC/DC who can never actually complete a number, Uruguay’s Pop Idol winners Hot Beef and Salad, Alan Sonar – the partially sighted juggler, Graham Mind – the hapless “international psychic” and much more.

Aided (and occasionally hindered) by a large video screen the fast moving quartet positively burst with out of left field ideas – most of which work superbly and will hopefully be seen back in town soon.