Go West young men

Blackpool Tower Circus : Mooky v Boooffalo Bill.'Mooky and Mr Booo
Blackpool Tower Circus : Mooky v Boooffalo Bill.'Mooky and Mr Booo
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Mooky v Boooffaloo Bill - Tower Circus, Blackpool

While much of the rest of what’s left of Blackpool’s summer season shows have yet to start, its longest running one sometimes seems to have become one its best kept secrets.

It’s difficult to understand just why, because along with Legends on Central Pier and Hot Ice at Blackpool Pleasure Beach it’s a brand leader and a traditional part of many peoples’ Blackpool visit as well as a popular attraction for locals.

This year’s theme heads to the Wild West which provides the excuse for a bit of gun slinging from Mr Booo and some chaps slapping from the ever resourceful Mooky – not to mention some rather fine Indian head-dresses imported from the USA and more chequered shirts than a line dancing convention.

The line-up is the usual multi skilling cast of international award winners – several of them new to the resort – plus the resident Tower Circus Orchestra directed by Stuart Reynolds and the quartet of Blackpool Tower Circusettes.

A highspot of this year’s show is the rarely seen low wire act of Spain’s Nicol Nicols. Jumping through a circle of knives, skipping, performing forward and backward somersaults are all guaranteed to produce well deserved gasps.

Cuba’s Nevada Gamblers have the physiques of male dancers and the choreography to match with an eye candy Russian Bar act. Likewise the seven piece Havana Troupe’s Horizontal Bar is a dazzling display of complicated manoeuvres and split second timing – echoed by more or less the same ensemble’s gravity defying Swing Act.

Jana Roberts reveals why she was a hit on the Take That tour with a ball balancing and hula hoop spinning act – but don’t try the flaming ones routine at home.

Romania’s Miss Simone makes a welcome return with her daring Cloud Swing Act and from the same country come the Duo Costache with a Perch Act that the makers of Fixodent should sign up for their next television advertising campaign.

Producer and director Laci Endresz Snr utilises the leggy Circusettes well to flesh out the acts and general keep things running smoothly and, as ever, Mooky is never far away with another popular selection of routines revealing that he and his brother Mister Booo can literally turn their hands (and in the case of unicycling) feet to almost anything.

As ever the show ends with the venue’s unique water finale accompanied by a doubly impressive Silk Act