Eating Out

Eating Out

Lancashire recommends... Indian take-aways

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Masterchef's Tim Anderson

Food and Drink: Masterchef's Tim Anderson tells why Japanese food can be so good for the soul

The first time he tried sushi, American chef Tim Anderson, who runs Japanese soul food restaurant Nanban in London’s Brixton, wasn’t keen.

14 pints of beer a day, and it wasn't weak

Beer 'as much of a dietary staple as bread' in 16th century

Beer was ranked alongside bread as the most important dietary staple in early modern Ireland, and some workers were granted a daily allowance of 14 pints of ale, a study has found.

The super spicy dish, titled the Volcanic Vindaloo

Morrisons launches the UK's 'hottest' supermarket curry

When it comes to spicy food, can you handle the heat?

Tikka Masala is king of the curries

Revealed - the UK’s king of curries

In the 20th National Curry Week, the UK’s favourite spicy concoction has been revealed.

The north west supermarket is branching out

AmazonFresh launches Booths products for customers

AmazonFresh shoppers can now order groceries from north of England-based supermarket chain Booths in the latest stage of the online giant's expansion into the market.

Some UK restaurant chains are still serving "super-sized calorific junk" to children

REVEALED: The UK’s least healthy family restaurants

A new league table has been revealed today as part of Soil Association’s Out to Lunch campaign, ranking 25 of the UK’s most popular restaurants*.
Indian take-away

Where are the best Indian take-aways in Lancashire?

Readers have submitted more than 100 suggestions.
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Generally, organic wine producers use a lower level of sulphites

Lidl launch ‘hangover-free’ prosecco

If you’re prone to hangover hell every time the bubbly is popped Lidl have answered your prayers with a prosecco that’s allegedly hangover free.
Horn and Hoof in Thornton

DINING OUT: Horn and Hoof kicks the humble burger into shape

Gone are the days when burgers were reserved for fast food outlets, served with a dollop of red sauce and a slice of plastic-looking cheese to disguise the layers of grease.

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Advent calendar swaps chocs for…. CHEESE

Advent calendar swaps chocs for…. CHEESE

If you'd rather swap your choc for cheese this December, your fromage dreams have been answered.

Penny sweets have always been a favourite

Is the humble Black Jack the nation's favourite penny sweet?

Penny sweets have always been a favourite amongst kids, and now a new survey has revealed the nation’s all-time favourite penny chew to be Black Jacks.
Falafel: it's not part of a jet engine

Brits think falafel is part of a jet engine

Wonton is Chelsea FC's new summer signing, a falafel is a vital part of a jet engine, an enchilada is an animal found in South America - and ramen is a position in the Kama Sutra, according to a survey of the nation.

More than 34 million gallons were sold in the financial year to March

Sparkling wine sales fizzing in UK

Sparkling wine is becoming increasing popular in the UK, with sales up by 9% in the past year, new figures show.

Poulton hospice friends harvest in the funds

A coffee morning with a harvest theme raised a tidy £695 for Trinity Hospice.
Old School Boy Brewery

Lancashire recommends... microbreweries

Here is a list of the top microbreweries in Lancashire.

Blackpool fish and chip shop brews up in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

The owners of a Blackpool fish and chip shop served up more than cod and mushy peas at their annual charity social.
If successful the delivery service could be rolled out to other cities in the UK

Greggs trials delivery service

Greggs the baker is trialling a service to take pasties and sausage rolls direct to hungry customers.

There is concern about children getting a hold of any product associated with alcohol

Buckfast-flavoured sweets to appeal to “younger generation”

The monks behind a controversial tonic wine have blasted a Scottish confectioner as "highly irresponsible" for making Buckfast flavoured sweets.

No bread: KFC's Double Down

KFC's "most successful burger ever" is on its way

Chicken fans are in a flap about the latest fast food creation from KFC, which the restaurant chain says in coming to the UK this month.

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