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Blackpool born actor and writer Stephen Wymark premieres his latest play this week.

“Ask most playwrights why they have written their latest play and they might explain that they were inspired by something, or perhaps had an important message they wanted to get across,” he says. “Mine was more a case of sheer blind panic.”

At this time last year Stephen debut Fragments was premiered to audiences locally and around the North West.

After a Best Actor nomination at the Buxton Fringe Festival 2011 and a collection of good reviews for both his acting and writing talents, he’s begun a new project.

“I had planned to write a new play this year but I didn’t expect to write it so quickly,” he admits. “It came about because I was asked to lead a masterclass in writing monologues which I declined as, at that time, I didn’t feel I would have quite enough to talk about on the night.

“Then I was approached again and after a lot of arm-twisting I eventually agreed to it. In a panic I decided to start writing something, and out of that fear of being under prepared, Words From The Void emerged.”

He describes the new work as “quite unique in many ways” being both “a piece of writing and also an art installation.”

He explains: “I was approached by local artist and curator of the Kiln House Gallery at Marsh Mill, Ann Charlesworth who suggested she would like to create art out of words. Out of my ‘new’ words. And from that initial idea, the Words From The Void installation was created.”

Stephen is performing the first reading of his new work to members of the local writing for performance group, Stage Write, followed by a discussion and a question and answer session at FYCreatives, Church Street, Blackpool. The event runs from 7.15pm to 8.30pm on Thursday . Admission is £3.

The Words From The Void Installation is showing at the Kiln House Gallery, Marsh Mill, Thornton,

The show runs weekends only.