Comedy at the Castle

Joe Curran - winter season at The castle in Blackpool
Joe Curran - winter season at The castle in Blackpool
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LONG after the last bunny ears of summer have flopped, and the fancy dress frenzy of autumn has died down, The Castle on Central Drive will be carrying on with business as usual.

As ever, it is opening its doors to the tinsel and turkey brigade and the stragglers who want some fun away from the main part of town.

But this year is slightly different says Wayne Camps, the winter face at The Castle and manager, while stalwart licensee Dave “Dinosaur” Daly takes a winter break to recover from the excesses of another summer season.

“We have decided to keep our Saturday afternoon entertainment in place right the way through the winter,” said Wayne.

“Joe Curran has been with us here for five years now and, this year, his Marmite Show – Love It Or Hate It has proved to be so successful during the season, we thought the winter visitors would like it too.”

He added: “Joe is very popular with almost all visitors and the locals who come to see him each Saturday. We get repeat visits week on week from all over the UK to catch his cheeky quips and sharp one liners.”

Joe explained: “I like people to feel welcome and safe and have a good time.

“My customers expect to have a good laugh when they come in but you have to break a few eggs to make a good omelette so I’m well aware I’m probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

“The Castle is a place where people feel relaxed and is a drop off point for the blokes who don’t want to go shopping, so the ladies leave them with me and go shopping and I look after them. It’s a bit like a creche for grown-ups. They’ve got the bar, three big screens and 17 plasma televisions so there’s plenty to keep them occupied for a Saturday afternoon.”