Brave attempt on Farm

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Animal Farm - The Theatre, Blackpool and The Fylde College

The Rise of Animalism was played out in mud soaked reality as performing arts students from Blackpool and The Fylde College presented Animal Farm.

Swings, a slide and a child like narrator made a sharp contrast with the vivid and violent action in the farm yard as the animals revolted.

The book is heavily dialogue based and some of the cast clearly have confidence issues to overcome.

The spirit of revolution was a little lacking. In such an intimate venue the audience should have been so fired up with political spirit they were ready to storm the streets with burning torches.

But there were many brave attempts.

The pigs gave a strong performance, Charles Brickman played a menacing, commanding Napoleon and Daniel Johnson made a worthy opponent in the power struggle as an eloquent Snowball.

Dale Smith was a wonderfully stoic Boxer who perfectly captured the exhaustion of the over worked but determined horse.

One actress was overheard at the interval saying there was no such thing as small parts only small actors. This rang true with Pavan Lal’s sheep as the actor immersed himself very thoughtfully in the part. Kevin Wenman and Nathaniel Sumner Rimmer also showed their political passion as the goose and hen when told their eggs were to be sold.

Costumes were basic but effective, there was something grotesquely sinister about the snout masks and the dramatic change in appearance they created. This was a brave attempt at a script densely packed with powerful dialogue.

It was thoughtfully and physically presented and a great result for seven weeks of work.

Lisa Ettridge