Author to read memories of a comic legend

Author Louis Barfe will be appearing at Plackitt & Booth Booksellers, Clifton Street Lytham tomorrow to talk about his affectionate new biography of Les Dawson.

The Trials & Triumphs of Les Dawson tells of the comedian’s climb out of the slums thanks to an uncommonly brilliant mind, his two marriages, the fictional third “wife” in his stage act comic and, of course, his much maligned and equally fictitious mother-in-law.

He was down to earth, yet given to eloquent, absurd flights of fancy with wit and wordplay worthy of P G Wodehouse. He understood, as Eric Morecambe did, that the most important mantra for a comedian is ‘Be Kind’.

As one reviewer has said, Barfe’s book makes us realise what we lost when Les Dawson died.

The talk starts at 7pm. Tickets are £2 from the bookshop.