Pews full for lizard lesson!

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SPACE lizards were on the prowl when a brand new children’s author entertained hundreds of captivated children.

Youngsters from nine primary schools packed into Christ Church, Wesham, to hear children’s author Mark Griffiths talk about his new book, “Space Lizards Stole My Brain”.

The event was organised by Kirkham bookshop Silverdell, and co-owner Elaine Silverwood said: “It went really well.

“We managed to squeeze 350 children into the church.

“Mr Griffiths loved the question and answer session and the children were fantastic and asked him lots of questions.

“They were all good questions and showed they had been listening.

“It was hugely successful.”

The children came from schools across Kirkham and Wesham as well as nearby Treales and Wrea Green.

Silverdell also hosted an event at Staining C of E School in the afternoon.