VIDEO: X Factor rejects’ latest shot at glory

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Two X Factor hopefuls who achieved notoriety after their performance last year are trying again for TV stardom.

Ryan Ruckledge and Liddia Railton-Newby were given short shrift by the judges on the ITV show and ended up giving the foursome a piece of their minds.

But Ryan, 22, not to be daunted by being described by judge Gary Barlow as being “like a wasp at a picnic” is going back – but this time solo.

And Liddia, who now has a career as a glamour model, is hoping for reality TV stardom with a place on Big Brother.

Ryan said: “We are both very excited because we both want a reality TV career.

“It was embarrassing being humiliated in front of millions of viewers on X Factor last time.

“To be honest we didn’t really rehearse or take it seriously.

“But I have been taking singing lessons and I have got through the two producer rounds and am up in front of the judges towards the end of June.

“Liddia is going to be on Big Brother in about three weeks’ time it very exciting.”

Liddia, 24, said despiote the dissappointment of last year’s appearance some good came of theor performance.

She said: “We have had so many offers. So although it wasnot a success it was good for us.

“I am not going on X Factor this time because my singing voice is not great and I was holding Ryan back.

“But I have been asked to do Big Brother this summer and also offered to be in The Valleys on MTV.

“I think people wouldlike me on Big Brother because aI am so down to earth and funny. I don’t like stuck up people who take thenselves too seriously.”

She said her modelling career is taking off with magazine shoots in Zoo and as the face of a campaign for Playaway Abroad the company which helps you find work abroad.

“We have had lots of fun stuff offered but ideally we would like out own TV show.

“We are the Jedward of Blackpool!”

Ryan added: “The producers said this time that I might not be the best singer in the competition but I’m not the worst and I am an interesting personality.

“We got all sorts of abuse last time from Twitter trolls and the like. Some people said we showed Blackpool up but I just want to go back on and do Blackpool proud.

“We both felt disappointed last time, I think they edited out our good bits and just showed us in a bad light.

“We both want to go back on TV and show what we are about.

“It will be different judges this time. I can’t wait to meet Simon Cowell but I am not sure he is going to like me. But if I get four nos again and they are rude I will give as good as I get. To be honest I love the attention.”

In the 2013 show, the duo performed Flip and Fill’s ‘Shooting Star’ but failed to win over the judges, Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne.

Gary Barlow told them: ‘You haven’t got a voice between you. You couldn’t get a gig in an empty pub. There’s nothing to critique, there’s nothing in this act.”

But Ryan hit back saying: “Gary, there’s no need to be rude to us is there? I’ve not been rude to you. I could say you’ve got horrible hair, you’re past your time, you’re trying to act a lot younger than what you are.But I’m not going to, because I’m not that rude.”


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