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Spit, human urine and melted snow – this is not your average collection of items on display in a museum.

Artist Amy Sharrocks was in Wyre this week collecting donations for her rather unique exhibition dedicated to water.

She is inviting members of the public to think about the importance of water and contribute some that has a personal significance.

Donations range from bottled snow – now melted and evaporated – from a foreign holiday to Brighton sea water.

But Amy has also had some more bizarre contributions to her Museum of Water, which now contains 230 items.

She said: “I have three different types of pee and lots of different kinds of spit.

“One is a bottle that is a collection of an entire family’s toothpaste spit.

“It has blown me away how people have dealt with the invitation I have put out there.”

For each donation she asks the contributor to explain why that water is significant to them and write it on a card to display in the exhibition.

But she admits she had no idea what the response would be like when she started the project a little over a year ago.

She said: “I am so impressed that people bother to come at all. It is quite a daring thing to take part in, a live artwork like this.

“These people make a huge effort – some people have brought me water from the other side of the world.

“I wanted people to pay attention to water and consider it so it’s wonderful when people take that seriously.”

But she says she feels less like an artist than a janitor with her latest exhibition, which she will continue to collect for another year.

The live artwork is constantly expanding as she takes it around the country and he role, she said, is to keep it safe and well-maintained.

She was in Thornton and Fleetwood this week collecting water. The whole museum will be on display in Lancaster from May 8 to 10 before a month-long display at Somerset House, London, in June.




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