VIDEO: Opening the doors to our famous Lights

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Giant Daleks, a TARDIS and a miniature version of Blackpool Tower are just some of the pleasures found on a tour of Illuminations treasure.

For when the tableaux and famous lights are not dazzling visitors on the Promenade they can be found in Lightworks, a mammoth industrial unit off Squires Gate.

There are an estimated 20,000 pieces of photographs, slides, lighting plans, artwork and actual Illuminations from the 1920s to today inside the building.

It is usually closed to the public, but heritage funding has allowed organisers to raise the shutters of the storage unit and open it up to fans of Blackpool’s traditional display.

The aim is to have tours on a regular basis.

For details about the Illuminations collection go to www.illuminationscollection.wordpress.com.




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