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Anyone wandering into the Winter Gardens over the weekend was in grave danger of being sawed in half or, worse still, made to disappear altogether.

More than 3,500 top magicians from around the world descended on the resort to take part in the 62nd annual Blackpool Magicians Convention.

Organised by Preesall’s Derek Lever, from Blackpool Magic Club, it is reckoned to be the world’s largest magic convention.

“That is amazing when you consider that Blackpool Magicians Club, who promote the event, has a membership of just 42 magicians,” said Mr Lever.

“Of the 3,500 magicians coming this year more than 50 are travelling here from abroad. In fact in total 15 different countries will be represented.”

Each day during the convention there were six lectures on various aspects of magic, as well as a host of shows and a children’s entertainer championships – plus 130 dealers from 25 different countries selling the latest magic tricks.

The organisers estimate the event brings over £3m into Blackpool’s economy.

But it sounds as if Derek won’t get much time off.

“I literally start working on the next convention within seven days of completing one,” he said. “So it will all start again this time next week!”

Roll on 2015.




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