VIDEO: Dance mob make a splash at venue

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Swimmers enjoying an evening at Sandcastle Waterpark were in for a shock when scores of people suddenly burst into a dance.

The splashmob – a twist on the term “flashmob” when people start to dance in synchronisation in public places – struck at the Promenade venue to surprise the many adults and children, as well as the water park’s staff, who didn’t suspect a thing.

The venue’s managing director, John Child, said: “It was a very surreal experience.

“One minute I am being interviewed for local radio, and the next everyone starts dancing around me.

“It was a magnificent sight and judging from the look on other people’s faces it wasn’t just me that looked shocked.

“It was a superb moment that I won’t forget in a hurry.”

The spontaneous dance has been captured on camera phones and CCTV, and has already gone viral on YouTube.

The event was organised by Sandcastle’s marketing manager, Jane Kelly.

It involved more than 100 dancers, all of who were sworn to secretary.

Visitors gave the dancers a round of applause when it was over.

Kerry Jones was there with her husband and children at the time.

She said: “It was really amazing.

“At first I wondered what was going on but then it soon became obvious. It was fantastic to see it and the children really loved it – they even joined in at places.”

Tracie Buchanon was one of the dancers who took part.

She said: “I’m so pleased to have been a part of the first ever Splashmob here in the UK.

“I’m no professional dancer but when I was approached I didn’t hesitate to get involved.

“It’s something to tell your pals about and I’m sure they will watch it on YouTube for a good laugh at my moves.”




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