Somebody told us you were in town!

Brandon Flowers, from The Killers, in Blackpool

Brandon Flowers, from The Killers, in Blackpool

ROCK god Brandon Flowers created a right old Hot Fuss - when his huge band rolled into Blackpool to film their new music video.

Las Vegas group The Killers took over Blackpool Tower for their latest single Here With Me...with a little help from blockbuster director Tim Burton and A-list actress Winona Ryder.

The band’s scene shots were filmed in the famous Tower Ballroom while Miss Ryder’s scenes were shot at the Pleasure Beach.

As Twitter went crazy over the band’s rumoured visit, they settled down for dinner at the Big Blue hotel before getting some well earned rest.

But the American band, whose debut album Hot Fuss sold seven million copies, were causing a stir late on Wednesday night when cinemagoers were left choking on their popcorn as the band strolled into the Odeon on Rigby Road.

Myles Somner, 20, of Clive Avenue, St Annes, went to watch new Ben Affleck flick Argo, with friend Joe Kennedy, 19, of Kenilworth Road, St Annes, when they noticed the familiar faces ahead of them in the queue.

Myles said: “It was pretty quiet, not many people about and we were waiting to be served when my mate Joe asked if I recognised who was in front of us.

“I had a look, and then he said ‘It’s the Killers!’

“As we came out after the film finished, we heard them talking with American accents and realised it must be them.”

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The band had to cut short a performance in Manchester this week with lead singer Flowers suffering from a sore throat – with Myles saying he was very apologetic about what happened.

He said: “He was great, a really nice guy.

“He even said there and then how sorry he was about what had happened. It was a really surreal experience.”

The group and crew were staying at the Pleasure Beach’s Big Blue Hotel.

Marketing Blackpool managing director Natalie Wyatt said: “The Killers are huge global stars and it is great so many people across the world will see Blackpool in this video.”

A spokesman for Blackpool Pleasure Beach said: “”Tim has always been a fan of the attraction and was thrilled to use some of the locations for his shoot. To have a director of his calibre choosing Blackpool as a location is a real boost for the town.”

Kate Shane, general manager of The Blackpool Tower, said: “We are very proud that The Tower was chosen as a venue for the music video and it has been an exciting day in the Ballroom!

“A world famous rock band, a Hollywood starlet and a renowned film producer... days in The Tower don’t get much better!”

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