Fylde cite rival forward for ‘stamping’

Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson
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Fylde have confirmed that they are citing Worthing number eight Liam Perkins for stamping.

The alleged incident in the National League One clash at Worthing left Fylde second row Gareth Gore suffering from concussion, which forced him out of Fylde’s famous win over leaders Doncaster Knights on Saturday.

Fylde coach Mark Nelson said club officials John Greenwood and Ian Cosh were already pressing ahead with Fylde’s case and heading it up.

Nelson said: “ We are alleging that (Perkins) has used downward force on the head of a prone player - stamping in layman’s business.

“I don’t want to prejudice any action that is taken, but suffice to say the officers of the club have agreed that it warrants a citing.

”Gareth Gore unequivocally wants the club to take action.”

On a far happier note, Nelson said of the win over league leaders Doncaster Knights: “That is the performance of the season and the result of the season.”