We’ll deliver new stand, says Oyston

Chairman Karl Oyston
Chairman Karl Oyston
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KARL Oyston says the club is pressing ahead with plans to build a new south-east corner at Bloomfield Road.

The work, which will include corporate boxes in the Armfield Stand, may not be finished in time for the new season, but the chairman says good progress is being made.

The work will raise the capacity at Bloomfield Road to 16,500.

It will also result in home fans switching to the south end of the east stand to enjoy the improved facilities.

Away fans will be housed at the northern end of the east stand.

Chairman Oyston said: “The south-east corner might be looking derelict at the moment but we are steaming ahead with our plans.

“We’ve had fantastic support again from Blackpool Council. They really are very helpful and pro-active in helping us with the completion of the ground.

“Unfortunately, there have been the usual building issues – whether we should use driven piles or corkscrew piles to avoid dropping and damaging the neighbouring properties.

“So there are all sorts of technical issues going on with that, but we are working as hard as we can to resolve those, so we can bring the new corner, and the hotel and the southern part of the east stand, back on line as quickly as possible.

“The great advantage will be that, as well as looking much better, the improved east stand will mean a covered concourse and better facilities for the home supporters.

“Season tickets have gone very well, so I would imagine the north, west and south stands will be predominantly full. I would imagine the northern end of the east stand will be pretty full as well with the away supporters. That will be about 2,500.

“Away fans will be switched to the north end of the east stand from the Rangers friendly onwards, so they will get the poorer deal unfortunately.

“They get an uncovered concourse but that’s because we will continue to prioritise the improvements for home supporters.”

Asked if the south-east corner would be completed in time for the first home Championship against Peterborough on Sunday August 14, Oyston replied: “I think it will slip a little bit, but we will have it done as soon as we can.”