Tim Fielding: It’s nice to focus on football

Tim Fielding
Tim Fielding

The Chairman of Blackpool Supporters’ Trust gives his thoughts on the latest from Bloomfield Road.

After what proved to be the most turbulent pre-season I can recall, it’s been refreshing over the last 10 days to be able to focus more on the football.

For me the biggest positive from the summer has been the arrival of Jose Riga and his coaching team.

It has been clear from an early stage that Riga is very much his own man, prepared to stand his corner in what are by anyone’s assessment challenging working conditions.

It’s regrettable that Riga hasn’t had his judgment backed and has not been allowed to bring in his first choice ‘spine’ for the team.

However, based on the three games I’ve seen, it’s pleasing that there appears to be a commitment to playing attractive football – a commodity in short supply since Ian Holloway’s departure.

It’s very unfortunate that the club’s well reported and flawed recruitment policies have created a situation where Riga’s side find themselves trying to build up fitness levels and team awareness at a time when we need points on the board, particularly after we were promised that the lessons had been learned from the previous year’s pre-season farce.

Set against that, the fact that we witnessed such a spirited fightback on Saturday gives us real cause for hope that the Riga Revolution may ultimately live up to the hype.

Based on recent interviews, there are clearly still fundamental issues to be addressed.

However, I hope that Karl and Jose can work through these and establish a more harmonious relationship.

Everyone at BFC needs to be pulling in the same direction to give the team the best chance of retaining our Championship status.

For me, that starts with funds being made available to strengthen the squad before the transfer window closes and to recruit the fitness coach Jose clearly feels is required.