Quick thinking Pool solve problem

Another typically committed Keith Southern tackle
Another typically committed Keith Southern tackle
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IAN Holloway admitted it took his side a little while to work Ipswich out before they were able to seal a third win in six games.

In the end, Pool sauntered to victory courtesy of second-half goals from Gary Taylor-Fletcher and Barry Ferguson.

But it had been a different story in the opening period, when Holloway’s men failed to break the visitors down.

Holloway acknowledged it was hard going. The manager said: “I would disagree with anyone who says that was a comfortable victory because it wasn’t.

“We had to weather a bit of a storm. We weren’t that fluent.

“They caused us all sorts of problems because of the selection Paul Jewell made. They played 4-1-4-1 and I wasn’t expecting that.

“It looked like a determined Ipswich side and they played well. Their organisation was first class, and it wasn’t until I could explain where I felt the space would be that we improved.

“Every game you start depends on what structure and shape the other team play. It always leaves someone with the ball but we didn’t realise it quickly enough.

“Kevin Phillips couldn’t get the ball because of the way Ipswich played.

“My back two could but they didn’t get it. I told them to be brave and go forward, and that someone else would take their place when they did.

“I thought Craig Cathcart looked a fantastic player in the second half. Ian Evatt always does it anyway. He steps in and wants the ball, and so after the break we managed to use the space there was.

“It all looked nicer, whereas first half it didn’t.

“But that is what I enjoy about football. It is seeing the challenge out there and my lads never stop trying.

“Eventually we worked out where the space was. We passed and worked it well, and got a couple of nice footballing goals.”