Oyston wants Ollie to stay

Ian Holloway with chairman Karl Oyston
Ian Holloway with chairman Karl Oyston
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KARL Oyston has declared Ian Holloway is the only person he wants in charge of Blackpool FC next season.

The Seasiders chairman saluted the manager for another remarkable campaign and says he is already looking forward to seeing Holloway work his magic again next season.

Oyston said: “It goes without saying I want Ian Holloway to be the manager and to stay in charge.”

But it could be an interesting summer, with speculation that Holloway may be courted by other clubs because of his achievements with on a limited budget.

That speculation is bound to be heightened by comments made by the manager in the aftermath of Saturday’s play-off defeat.

In his post-match press conference, Holloway spoke mostly positively about the challenge ahead at Blackpool but he also said: “I need to talk to my chairman about what we need to do to keep building.

“It’s important he realises where we can go because I think all this was a shock to him.

“I don’t think he realises how football is and what you can achieve.

“I’m almost not looking forward to those chats as he gets on his high horse but sometimes you have to look at it.

“I’m not here to break the bank. He should know what I can do as an investment to his club now – I almost got him another £90m.

“Before I came here his dad was worth £105m – well, it’s £205m now.”


Oyston will put some of those comments down to the emotion of having just missed out on the Premier League.

But Oyston is keen to stress how much he rates Holloway and wants him to remain as manager next season.

The chairman added: “He has done remarkably well, and he has certainly accepted and worked very well with our style and the way we do things.

“He is perfect for us in that respect, and conversely we are perfect for him because he gets absolute freedom to express himself and to do what he wants to do, how he wants to do it, without any pressure from us.

“We don’t behave like many other clubs, who have talented managers that they don’t give time to, or they don’t support or allow to have the freedom to manage.

“I think it is important that people like Ian have absolute freedom to play the game how they want the game played.”

As for the defeat, which means the chairman misses out on a £40m Premier League windfall, Oyston said: “It is hard to enjoy a match like that, when there is so much st stake for the whole club, the town, the region, and the players and manager.

“Nine times out of ten we’d have won that match, and that makes it all the more difficult to swallow.

“I think it was an even first half but we certainly controlled the second period and had much the clearer goalscoring opportunities.

“So it is a big disappointment and a real shame because I know it meant so much to the manager, the players and the supporters.”

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