No apology as Chopra trains alone

Michael Chopra
Michael Chopra
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Michael Chopra once again turned to Twitter after being made to train alone.

The striker was fined two weeks wages for a post on the social networking site earlier this week criticising the club’s training.

And on Thursday he revealed he was being forced to train alone after being banned from training.

Chairman Karl Oyston spoke out to blast the 30-year-old on Wednesday, but Ince was a bit more relaxed about the situation.

“It’s silly what he did,” said the manager. “That’s the thing about Twitter, it can get you into trouble.

“The fact Chopra was training with six players shows just how light we are as a squad.

“The ones who played on Saturday were given time off.

“Chopra needs to get fit.

“As a professional you have to have pride in yourself to get fit, that obviously hasn’t been the case.

“He needs to do extra training, it’s as simple as that.

“When he’s fit he’s a great asset.

“It was disappointing, the way things have been going the last thing you need is someone moaning.”

Chopra trained on his own with the club’s fitness coach before linking up with the rest of the squad for lunch.

It’s highly unlikely he’ll be in the squad for Saturday’s game against Middlesbrough, with boss Ince still waiting for an apology.

He said: “The chairman said his piece and I agree with him.

“At the end of the day he’s not picked up the phone and apologised.

“I know if that was me, the first thing I’d have done is come and apologised to the players, fans and manager.

“It’s not a big issue as we have to focus on the game.

“I’m trying to get positivity back into the place and that’s the last thing I needed ahead of a big game against Middlesbrough.

“I have spoken to the chairman, he obviously fined Chopra and that’s that.

“It’s the way of the world now, everyone is on these social network sites.

“We have a rule that players don’t go on and talk about the club.

“He broke that rule and it showed disrespect to everyone at the club.”