Kevin is hailed as a ‘model pro’

Kevin Phillips celebrates his goal
Kevin Phillips celebrates his goal
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KEVIN Phillips has been hailed as “the model pro” and the perfect example to aspiring youngsters.

Ian Holloway believes the frontman’s hard-working, uncomplaining attitude has rubbed off on the entire Seasiders dressing room and helped transform the club.

As the manager conducted his after-match interviews at a deserted Doncaster late into the night in midweek, there was one bloke in a Blackpool tracksuit sprinting breathlessly up and down the pitch.

A quarter of an hour later, when the manager had finished speaking to the BBC, Sky and the rest of the country’s media, the fella was still running like a man possessed.

It was Phillips of course, relentlessly exercising while everyone else had long since showered and gone home.

Holloway looked at his striker in admiration, and said: “That just speaks volumes. Kev has come back out on to the pitch, on his own, warming down. No wonder he is so good and he has lasted so long.

“I wish there were young kids around to see that.

“He is 38 years old. He came on for the last 25 minutes, and made a huge difference, set up a goal. Yet afterwards he was doing some sprints up the length of the pitch.

“People don’t write about that enough.

“He is an absolute model pro, a fantastic gentleman and I am absolutely delighted we have him.”