Karl Oyston: Now isn’t the time to judge us

Karl Oyston
Karl Oyston
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Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston talks in his own words about boss Jose Riga and what he’s doing to improve the situation at Bloomfield Road.

A lot has been said about our summer and the situation we’ve found ourselves in at the start of the season.

But my message is simple – judge us at the end of the season, not now.

We’ve had a summer which hasn’t been ideal but I’m drawing no conclusions based on where we are now.

We will see at the end of the season whether or not this has worked.

I do believe Jose is a fantastic coach and tactician, and the sooner we can give him the tools to do his job the better, be that with more players or more backroom staff.

Jose is quite right about one of our biggest problems from last season – and something I mentioned to him before he came – the fitness of the players.

We didn’t get the best from some of the players and Jose is quite rightly set on everyone being as fit as they can possibly be.

I have regular communication with Jose on a daily basis, and there’s no doubt he still has more he wants to bring to the club.

In Jose, we have a new coach from abroad who has different priorities.

It’s up to us to react to those priorities to make sure we improve everything at this club.

We want to implement every improvement Jose wants, but we have to do it within our usual way of doing things.

As soon as Jose sees the benefit of our approach, I hope he’ll buy into it.

One of the things I’m asked regularly is what are we doing to change the current problems.

That’s simple – we are trying to go back to the things we did well in the past and which brought us success.

I think in the past couple of seasons we maybe changed the way we do things.

At the moment, we are trying to evolve the policies which did well for us in the past to suit the situation we find ourselves in.

But we still have key areas where we feel we can easily improve, with fitness and discipline high on our list of priorities.

A couple of weeks ago, we brought back the fitness coach Ian Holloway had here during the Premier League season, but that sadly hasn’t worked out.

I have a lot of time for the individual in question, but Jose wants people who compliment his style and that’s fine. It’s all about opinions.

As for discipline, it’s something both Jose and I feel strongly about.

Only last week we fined two members of our squad for being out drinking when they shouldn’t have been. It’s something we simply won’t tolerate.

Despite how it may look at times, I’m fully behind trying to deliver what Jose wants.

My life is far easier if Jose is happy and has what he wants.

And if he’s happy, he’ll deliver what we all want.

Every single player we have brought in has been the manager’s choice.

We would never bring in any players without Jose’s approval.

We just need to get things in place which fit into the way we do things at Bloomfield Road.

Finally, it’s good to hear reports from Saturday’s game that the football already seems to be much more pleasing on the eye.

Quite rightly there was a lot of criticism about the style of football in the past.

Following Ian Holloway was always going to be difficult for any manager and for us as a club.

Now we are getting back to a more football-based approached, one which is more attractive.

That’s what people want. We want our team to entertain our supporters, win or lose.

Once all these new players we’ve signed settle in, we will have a good chance but we still need to recruit more.

I’m sure results will follow.