Holloway: We can win without trio

Ian Holloway shares a joke with Steve Thompson
Ian Holloway shares a joke with Steve Thompson
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IAN Holloway is determined to prove Pool don’t need Charlie Adam and co to be a good team.

There has been plenty of fretting around Bloomfield Road over the loss of Adam, David Vaughan and DJ Campbell – widely acknowledged as the Seasiders’ best three players – to Premier League clubs.

However, Friday’s 1-0 win at Hull eased fears that Pool would struggle without the trio and Holloway wants his team to continue proving they will cope just fine.

The Pool boss said: “Everybody knows we wanted to keep Charlie, David and DJ. Of course we did. Who wouldn’t? They are three very good players, up there with the best I’ve managed.

“That was my problem going into the season. I didn’t know whether our success over the last two years was to do with me, my coaching staff and the way we play, or whether it was just that we had three or four exceptional players.

“Maybe I didn’t play a role at all. Maybe I’m an absolute donkey and was just very lucky I had Charlie, David and DJ.

“But I am hoping not and I think the challenge for us now is to show we can be as good without them.

“It will take time, and I want to add a few more players to go with some of the really good ones I think I’ve brought in, but I think we can prove we’re good enough to shine again.

“We’ve got some very talented lads at this club, who have been doing the business for Blackpool non-stop for the last three or four years, and in a very tough fixture at Hull I think they proved they are still going strong.

“I am really happy with how we started. Once again they stepped up to the mark and showed what they can do.”

It isn’t just Holloway who believes his team can thrive without the departed threesome.

Centre-back Craig Cathcart, who helped the team keep a clean sheet at Hull, also thinks there is life after Adam, Vaughan and Campbell.

The 22-year-old said: “Just look at the quality of players the manager has brought in.

“Barry Ferguson and Kevin Phillips have played in the Premier League for years and years, so I don’t think (losing the big three) was a big problem for us. “The players we’ve brought in can adapt to the way we play and I think that showed at Hull.”