Holloway sickened by loan rebels

Ian Holloway
Ian Holloway
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IAN Holloway has launched a blistering attack on two Blackpool players for turning down loan moves elsewhere.

The Seasiders manager stated last week that he intends to send some squad players to lower league clubs to gain first-team action and boost their confidence.

But Holloway has revealed that two players arrived at his office, accompanied by their agents, refusing to play ball.

Holloway’s Sunday Mirror column revealed: “They advised me to stick my little plan where the sun don’t shine! People think that it’s only spoilt £250,000-a-week superstars like Tevez who have lost the plot.

“But it seems that the virus Tevez unleashed at Manchester City has already spread to the lower divisions.

“You can’t talk to some footballers these days. More and more of them are only interested in what’s in it for them. It makes me sick.”

Holloway did not name the players concerned. However, the rebels are unlikely to include Chris Basham, who last week put his hand up for a spell at another club.

The manager’s article goes on: “We are living in tough economic times. The man in the street is shelling out his hard-earned cash to pay these prima donnas their wages. For that, they should be able to expect players to do what is best for the football club that employs them.

“I had two of my players getting all Bolshie for having the cheek to suggest they should go somewhere else for a few weeks to play the game they’re paid for. Could you imagine Bill Shankly putting up with that? Cloughie would have given them a clip around the ear.

“It’s becoming harder for managers to keep players in their place because too many of them just don’t care enough about the game.”