Holloway’s message to Pool fans

Ian Holloway
Ian Holloway
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Seasiders legend Ian Holloway has told the club’s fans to keep their heads up despite their shocking start to the season, writes WILLIAM WATT.

After watching his Millwall side send Pool to the bottom of the Championship, Holloway tracked down The Gazette to send a personal message to supporters.

And in typical Holloway fashion, it was positive. “I want the fans not to get down about what’s happening at Blackpool,” he pleaded.

“They are an unbelievable bunch of supporters and they support a very special club.

“Everything about Blackpool FC is special and I don’t want them to ever forget that.

“Blackpool will recover as a club and will come again, trust me.”

Holloway famously guided the club to the Premier League in 2010 before moving on to Crystal Palace in November 2012.

Having been quoted last week saying that facing Pool was “nothing special now”, he assured The Gazette the club remains important to him.

He added: “I will remember what we did at that club as long as I live.

“When I’m on my deathbed I will be lying with a smile knowing what we achieved there.

“I just wanted to build something special there and hopefully I’m at a club whichwill allow me to do that now. But Blackpool will be back.”

Goals from Scott McDonald and Scott Malone secured Saturday’s win for Holloway’s men before a Blackpool surge made them sweat.

Holloway said of the game: “”We got ourselves into a great situation with a brilliant goal but we have to learn to manage the game.

“We conceded the most bizarre goal I have ever seen. Our centre-half came up for a throw and then we didn’t aim it at him. How stupid is that?

“It meant we had no shape and they scored.

“We started to panic and ended up scrapping, but I’m glad we didn’t throw it away. On the balance of play, I would have been fuming had they equalised.”