Holloway resigned to losing star

Callum McManaman celebrates after scoring
Callum McManaman celebrates after scoring
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IAN Holloway admits he will almost certainly lose Callum McManaman next month.

The on-loan winger is set to return in the new year to Wigan, where Roberto Martinez is preparing to throw him into Latics’ bid to stay in the Premier League.

It is bad news for Holloway, who has been hugely impressed with the 20-year-old’s contribution.

McManaman scored his first ever league goal in last weekend’s 1-0 win over Reading and will start against league leaders Southampton today.

Holloway would love to keep him for longer, but accepts it is unlikely to happen.

“Am I resigned to losing Callum when his loan deal expires? Yes. But I never thought he was going to become a full-time Blackpool player, that wasn’t the case,” said Holloway.

“When you borrow someone that is exactly what you are doing. You have to give them back.

“Wigan want to get him some experience because he might not be in their team but he is really close to it, and we are lucky to get him.

“Obviously he had been substitute the previous few weeks to the Reading game.

“That was no reflection on how he’d been playing, we just had so many options and Jonjo Shelvey was playing so well.

“I think every young player needs a goal and Callum has one now. I think you’ll see him now step up to the plate.

“I think he is a wonderful footballer. Some of the things he does in training you have to stop and ask yourself how did he do that?

“If you look at his composure for that goal against Reading, how he dragged it back past the defender and then slotted it … if he’d have tried to shoot I don’t think he’d have scored.”