Diving is getting Ollie down

Ian Holloway reacts on the touchline in Pool's game against Bolton
Ian Holloway reacts on the touchline in Pool's game against Bolton
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IAN Holloway believes managers have a responsibility to stop their players going to ground so easily – something he found particularly frustrating against Bolton.

The Seasiders boss suggested the wind must have been really strong because so many Wanderers players hit the deck.

The match was refereed by Andre Marriner, who was in charge for Pool’s Wembley win over Cardiff 12 months ago and the victory at Sunderland in December.

But despite Saturday’s victory, Holloway wasn’t exactly enamoured with some decisions and the behaviour of certain players.

Holloway said: “I don’t understand what free-kicks are any more. Either it was very windy out there and it blew them over or something very odd is going on.

“In the Championship you know what a free-kick is and you know people are going to try to get to the ball rather than go down like a roll of lino, and a very cheap roll of lino at that.

“I think the referee has to look at that and be strong – book them for diving.

“It used to take an awful lot of contact to get anybody on the floor. It is a man’s game and I can’t believe what I saw.

“Keith Southern made an absolutely fantastic tackle on the halfway line, and if that is a foul then Keith can’t play any more because his game is built on getting into people and timing tackles. It is a skill.

“I was absolutely gobsmacked, and I am glad we won because it sounds like you are carping and moaning if you say this when you’ve lost.

“Ask anybody if that was a foul? I don’t think so. It was a fantastic tackle by Keith.

“Some players these days need handles on their shorts, and I am sick and fed up of it. Stay on your feet and play properly.

“I think we have a responsibility to tell our players to stay on their feet and to be honest. I do and I’m sure Owen (Coyle) does, but some of these players should bloomin’ well listen because it is embarrassing.”