Barry’s injury claim is pure spin

Barry Ferguson
Barry Ferguson
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GOALSCORER Barry Ferguson reckons a spinning class at the gym might have caused his hamstring problem.

Ian Holloway is having none of it, claiming the Scot is just jealous he wasn’t as fit as the female instructors who took the class!

The pair shared a joke in the dressing room after the win over Ipswich, Ferguson having limped off towards the end.

The injury to his right hamstring is being monitored and the skipper claimed a change in the usual training routine may have been responsible.

Pool went to the gym one day last week because of the bad weather and Holloway said: “Barry reckons it (the injury) might be (because of) that. I’ve told him, ‘Get out of it’ – don’t use that as an excuse just because the lady who took it was much stronger and tougher than you, and could lift more!’

“I’m just glad we could use the gym for training because the weather has been awful recently.

“I know I’m a southern softie but this weather is something else. The wind has been horrendous. The goals have actually been moving at our training ground.

“I put some bibs down and they all blew away, so we went to the gym for some classes and I’m sure Barry will be fine.

“It is sore at the moment, and it’s odd because he has never had a muscle injury in his career. But we hope he’ll be OK.”

Holloway, in jovial mood, added that he planned to have a stern word with Ferguson about getting on the scoresheet.

The Seasiders boss, also a midfielder in his playing days, scored a solitary goal in 107 appearances during his final spell at Bristol Rovers.

He said: “It was nice that Barry popped up with that goal but I’ll have to have a word with him. It’s the midfielders’ union – you don’t score goals when you play there. I certainly didn’t!

“But I’ll let him off this time, I suppose...”