Dart ace and his special delivery

Baby Zac
Baby Zac
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Wes Newton is well used to delivering doubles on the darts board – now he has made the most important delivery of his life, which made him a very happy dad for the second time.

The world no.8 darts player from Fleetwood is competing in this weekend’s Cash Converters Players’ Championship finals in Minehead after helping to deliver his new-born son Zac on a dramatic night.

The baby began to arrive as Newton was calling for an ambulance. It meant he and partner Stacey’s mother, Alyson Kellett, having to aid the safe delivery of the new-born babe.

Newton said: “It was an incredible night.

“Obviously, we knew that there was a possibility Stacey could go into labour while I was away playing in a tournament, so it’s lucky that I was at home!

“Stacey was having contractions during the night and started getting ready to go to the hospital, but then her waters broke. I’d called her mum and luckily she only lives around the corner, and I was still on the phone to the hospital when his head came out.

“The hospital were talking me through what to do because the ambulance was still on the way, and I was passing on their instructtions to Stacey’s mum.

“I did panic when the chord looked to be near the bady’s head, but Alyson dealt with it

“They took Zac into hospital for 48 hours just as a precaution to check on his breathing, but he’s fine and he is back home now.”

Baby Zac, two weeks’ premature, weighed six pounds, 14 ounces at birth. He has a brother Fraser.