A great catch as sun shines

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There were matches on all three of the waters this weekend and with the weather greatly improved it looked like it was going to be a productive day all round.

The open match was held on Beech and accomplished match angler, and Highfield regular, Matt McKeown blew away the rest of the competition with a staggering weight over 126lb.

Catching Carp to 8lb and Ide to 2lb on worm, fishing down the edge, Matt had them lined up ready to take his bait. It was certainly a good day, the top 3 weights caught over 282lb of fish

Stu Kennedy was second netting 79lb 4oz, third was Andy Shircliffe with76lb 3oz

The Jolly Boys had their match on Oak, and Jason Ward, catching silvers all day for a weight of 56lb, won that match

On Ash, at the Premium Bonds match, a nice Perch of 2lb 8oz was caught and that match was won with a weight of 26lb

The Blackpool and Layton Freshwater match was held in Out Rawcliffe at a private fishery Now that the winds had dropped it was hoped the fishing would be good and for a nice change the draw was not held in the rain.

Trevor Bentley took top spot, alternating between fishing the Pellet Waggler and Tip with 12 mm hard pellet, catching Carp, Trevor’s weight was almost 10lb more than his nearest rival

Phil Bradshaw netted 33lb 1oz to take second spot with

Paul Unsworth’s 16lb 7oz earning him third.

Unsworth was the winner in section 2 with 24lb 9oz.