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Artwork by Designer Bumps - model local mum Lucy Rothwell
Artwork by Designer Bumps - model local mum Lucy Rothwell
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WHAT’S good enough for Mariah Carey is now good enough for mums-to-be on the Fylde coast.

Expectant women can now celebrate their pregnancy by having their baby belly painted with a work of art.

And they can have their image captured in a series of photographs, to give them a lasting memory of their special time.

Lytham-based body artist Kate Cox, of Funky Monkey Face Painting and Body Art, has teamed up with American photographic artist Shanon Leigh, of Say Something Photography, to create Designer Bumps, to bring this new art-form to local ladies.

Both women are mums themselves – they have two children each.

Kate consults with the mum-to-be about each unique design, and the painting and photography can take place in Shanon’s studio in Lytham or at another venue.

It can be an ideal activity for baby-shower parties, or a maternity-leave gift from work colleagues and friends.

Shanon said: “Partners and older siblings are encouraged to join in too, and can be included in the photographs. The focus of a Designer Bumps session is not just to create an enjoyable, pampering experience, but also to create a lasting and beautiful work of art you will be proud to hang on your wall and enjoy for years to come.

“It used to be, in our own mothers’ era, being pregnant meant wearing large, and sometimes unattractive, outfits in an attempt to hide the pregnant form.

“Now, however, we celebrate pregnancy and the special beauty that it represents. This session creates an environment where the mums feel pampered and comfortable.

“It is not only convenient, because we are a ‘one stop shop’, with the photography and painting taking place in the same studio or in their home environment, but the work is also done by women who know first-hand the experience of being pregnant.”

Kate has had a successful face painting and body art business on the Fylde coast for the last 14 years.

Kate said: “I had already had one or two requests to paint pregnancy bumps after a photo of Mariah Carey was published with her bump painted. While the mums enjoyed the work of art, they were disappointed they would have to wash it off.

“We felt this was a golden opportunity to offer a unique service to pregnant women in a way that has not been done locally before – by creating a painted work of art and then capturing it professionally, so this temporary painting can be permanently remembered.”

Kate added: “Many mums choose something that is pretty, such as flowers or swirly designs. It depends on what mood they want to create.

“It can be a cartoon baby, a full scene, a copy of their ultrasound scan, or something quirky.

“We work with each mum individually to help them come up with a design unique to them.

“And ladies can rest assured the paints used are safe for them and their baby.

The ladies will be demonstrating their art at a forthcoming baby fair – Baby Bump and Toddler – next month at the De Vere Village Hotel.