What’s On - May 14, 2013

Wesham Hospital

Wesham Hospital

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Rehabilitation units

Think again

The impending closure of two out of three rehabilitation hospitals along the Fylde coast has been referred to as a ‘fait accompli’ by Kirkham County Councillor Liz Oades.

It may also be seen as a ‘stitch up’ or even an attack on the elderly in poor health.

Blackpool Victoria Trust receives about £264m in funding yet doesn’t want to spend an annual £ 12m on hospitals such as Rossall that nurses mainly the elderly.

This is at a time when we know there is a larger need than ever.

Pathetic reasons such as ‘consultants spend too much time driving to different hospitals’ are given, while relatives, staff and patient journeys are acceptable.

This is used to hide the fact that NHS bosses bought out expensive Public Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts on these hospital sites months before this sham consultation, making them easier to dispose off.

On being challenged by public representatives like Coun Oades, management even expanded the scope of the consultation costing more patient cash but still resulting in the same answer they needed to believe.

Wesham closure, Rossall closure, Bispham uncertainty of closure.

Even though the public challenge many issues , the hospital trust has not made one definable alteration to their initial ideas.

In support of Coun Oades. I would suggest there has been a ‘stitch up of our elderly’ and hope the new chief executive of the Vic can explain why and revisit the issue .

F. Martin

Dobson Road


Protecting bees

We need a plan

I agreed entirely with Carol Mooney (Letters, May 7), about the plight of bees.

I was horrified to see on that same evening a programme on Channel 5, The Fear Factor, titled ‘The Bees Are So Angry.’

The contestants were challenged to eat bees.

Those bees are of greater value to the world than the people who took part in the show.

Several big retailers and garden centres are bee-friendly.

They have agreed to remove stocks from their shelves that are posing the greatest risk to bee populations.

These items contain three neonicotinoid pesticides (Imidacloprid, Thiamethoxam and Clothianidin).

This is a great step.

The Friends of the Earth have called for a Bee Action Plan.

In February the European Union proposed a two year ban on using those pesticides on flowering crops but the ban was rejected.

Nine countries voted against the ban, and five abstained including the UK.

Rose Morley


Late night drinking

Time to act

I am all for development and new development in the town centre, but have long held the belief that the extended licensing hours after 3am are totally unnecessary, and are only a small part of the development of Blackpool.

I worry when I see the younger people, mainly between 18 and 30 years old, not leaving the house until 11pm or midnight and as late as 1.30am, already well on their way to being drunk after sitting at home drinking.

Our young people drink far too much so we have to temper this problem with common sense.

If there is a 3am cut off point these venues will not lose any money because our young people will go out earlier.

This will not solve the problem of drunkenness but will certainly give the authorities more time to clean up the place of cans, bottles, fast food containers and vomit etc so the families who come to Blackpool can enjoy their time in the resort.

At the moment in the early hours the town is like a bomb site.

Come on you late night proprietors,have a little thought for someone other than your selves.

We all really need to work together to revitalise this town.

The Early Morning Restriction Order (EMRO) is not an embarrassment to either Blackpool or Hartlepool as one reader described it (Letters, May 10).

Everyone, not just the night club brigade has a right to enjoy their visit without looking at streets full of rubbish.

Hartlepool is the town of my birth and is a nice progressive town.

It is totally different from Blackpool apart from litter blowing about like tumbleweed.

I hope the councils of both boroughs go ahead and legislate, they have my whole hearted support.

Bruce Allen

Hawkshead Terrace


Little boots

Loyal to her fans

It’s great to see Little Boots back in Blackpool – and
supporting her local HMV store (Gazette, May 13).

She had vowed to visit the store if it stayed open, saying it’s where she bought her first album.

Since then she has built up her own successful career and travelled the world.

But Little Boots still had time to think of her fans back in her home town.

I wish her good luck with her latest album and her future venture.

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