Letters - September 4, 2014

Prime Minister David Cameron (right) and Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond (left)
Prime Minister David Cameron (right) and Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond (left)
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No say for ex-pats

Not eligible

In reply to Politically Correct(August 27) ‘Ex-pat Scots should have Referendum vote as well.’

In the Edinburgh Agreement signed by the Scottish and UK Governments on October 15 2012, both governments agreed those entitled to vote in Scottish Parliamentary and local government elections should be able to vote in the referendum.

However, you cannot blame some Scots living in the rest of the UK feeling they should have a vote.

The people allowed a vote will be British, EU and Commonwealth citizens and people of other nationalities resident in Scotland.

This is not a General Election, it is about changing Scotland’s history.

Many Scots have not changed their nationality. They have not gone to live in a foreign country, they are just living and working within another part of the family of the UK. So there is no chance of Scots living outside of Scotland getting a vote. Unless, by some miracle, the court case about whether it is illegal to ban ex-pats from vote in the pipeline has a positive
verdict in the next three weeks. We are Scots and have settled in Blackpool and happy living here and just blending in. Just completed 32 years of volunteering in Blackpool. We hope Scotland will stay in the UK, it is ‘Better Together.’

Mrs P O’Connor


Beach now cleaner

Dog bins

I would like to say a big thank you to the people at Fylde Borough Council for providing dog litter bins on the beach - fantastic!

As one of many regular beach dog walkers, I can 
report the beach is now 99 per cent cleaner.

No more unwanted dog mess, or, worse still, full poo bags every few yards.

So well done F.B.C!

Joan Greenwood

St Annes

Extend Illuminations


I am absolutely thrilled to hear that not only will the North West part of Children in Need be televised from The Tower Circus on November 15,but also that ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ will be at The Tower the following night November 16.

I know the Illuminations are due to finish on November 9 but surely this is an excellent excuse for the Lights to be extended just for that weekend and even ask travellers through the Lights on that final weekend to make a contribution to Children in Need.

Sounds to me as if there could be even more positive mileage in the advertising for Blackpool that weekend, so let all the people of the town get behind the cause and give everyone the renowned Blackpool welcome.

Name and address 

Use our own talent


Yet another superb reporting montage on the Switch-on Festival (Gazette September 1).

Sadly, however, the absence of Radio Wave could not be overlooked.

Such a momentous grandiose harmony of talent was supported by the council’s ‘partners’ Rock FM – from Preston.

Readers will rightly wonder why an event showcasing Blackpool was not 
partnered by our own Wave FM who support a great deal of our events here in Blackpool throughout the year.

For example, people like Hayley Kay from Radio Wave support a great deal of school related events through the year.

Such dedicated people 
deserve a break.

Yet another example of the shameful Blackpool Council ‘partnering’, doubtless based on income revenue and ‘deals’ rather than using our own 
indigenous talent.

If only we could elect 
councillors from Preston
into Blackpool council – 
now that would be a 


Westminster Gardens


‘Silent killer’ warning

Blood checks

I’m writing to appeal to readers to get involved in Blood Pressure UK’s Know Your Numbers Week from September 15 to 21.

A shocking eight million people in the UK are at risk of a stroke or heart attack because of their blood pressure.

We’re asking everyone, of all ages, to take a moment to visit one of Blood Pressure UK’s pressure stations during the week to have a blood pressure test and know their numbers.

If left unchecked and not dealt with, high blood pressure can lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

Nine out of 10 people don’t know their blood pressure numbers.

It is the UK’s biggest silent killer, responsible for 60 per cent of strokes and 40 per cent of heart attacks.

Around a quarter of all younger men checked last year had a ‘high normal’ blood pressure reading, putting them at risk of developing high blood pressure.

You wouldn’t know you have high blood pressure unless you have it checked.

Visit www.bloodpressureuk.org/kyn to see where your nearest Pressure Station is located.

Katharine Jenner

Chief Executive Officer at Blood Pressure UK